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5 Preloved Pieces to Channel Princess Diana’s Classic Style In

What can we say about Princess Diana’s style that hasn’t been said already? She was an icon in every sense of the word. So much has been said, written and created about her life, struggles, humanitarian efforts and personality and yet it feels like people are constantly craving for more. People around her have been interviewed numerous times and we love how even after 24 years of her death, the love and respect for the late Princess never seems to die. Being in the fashion business, we have an eye for detail and finesse. So when going through Princess Diana’s old pictures today, we couldn’t help but notice how absolutely spot on her fashion choices were. From ball gowns to bags, heels to haircuts, she carried off every design gifted or created specially for her with so much grace. We know that trying to emulate your icons style especially if they were a Princess can be steep. At Rehaute we aim to provide you with the best that preloved luxury fashion has to offer so you can shop your favourite designers without the added price tag. Today after carefully going through many good finds, we’ve shortlisted some unique Chanel pieces that are representative of Princess Diana’s classic style. If you want to shop right now, head to the end of the blog where we’ve linked all the pieces. For details, read below!

  1. Chanel Diana Flap Bag: This bag was created by Karl Lagerfeld in 1989 and was in production till the late 1990’s. It was renamed after the Princess wore it and became a symbol of grace. We found a piece in black lambskin and as you might know, it’s a rare sighting. This bag as accumulated value and love after it’s namesakes death even more. Often regarded as a vintage piece, we’re glad to share it with you so you can channel Princess Di’s style too.
  2. Chanel Knit Jacket: It’s safe to say that she wore a whole lot of Chanel and when we found this pale orange jacket, we simply had to add it to our feature today. You can find Princess Di in a similar blue Chanel matchimh jacket & skirt set that makes us love this piece even more!
  3. Chanel Logo Earrings: We’ve already established that Chanel is a brand that had a special place in Princess Di’s wardrobe. From shoes to bags and everything in between, you’ll come across plenty of pieces that the Princess was seen in. We found these CC logo pearl earrings that are representative of her classic style. They never go out of style and the CC logo makes it even more special.

These are just some of the gorgeous finds we have lined up for you below so you can shop them and truly add classics to your wardrobe. They are Chanel pieces and have the stamp of approval from the late Princess herself. For now, indulge in these preloved Chanel pieces before they get sold out!

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