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Rehaute (a sister concern of Haute Secret Shoppers) is a bespoke, socially conscious initiative set about to re-examine the luxury market place from an all new perspective like never before.

We help you resell or repurpose your designer goods bought from us to grant them a new lease and purpose by either reselling or go the extra mile by asking us to sell and donate the proceeds entirely to your choice of charity in the most efficient and effortless manner.

Our business model is deeply rooted in a socially responsible framework in more ways than one, with key focus on luxury longevity and an even better consumer conscience.

REHAUTE  is about delivering the most up-to-date, in-trend pre-owned luxury pieces directly to you in the most sophisticated way possible & offering a super quick, stress free selling process.

Rare items? We have them. Your favourite pair of sneakers at a fraction of
retail – we have them too! Want a quick sale for a great price? We will MAKE SURE of that.

We offer payment within 24 hours of receiving your item.

We go above & beyond to ensure all our items that we advertise are 100% authentic, not only this but we also have an extremely high standard when condition checking our items to deliver the closest experience possible to your “brand new “ retailers.


1. Authenticity is guaranteed
All items we showcase on our website are 100% genuine. We ensure this through rigorous forms of testing by our team of authentication specialists who have a wide range of knowledge built up through several years of experience.

2. Condition is exactly as described
We would never sell something we would not be happy receiving. We ensure that each item is accurately described against each particular condition ranking. We will also include any extra photos of wear we believe the buyer would want to see before purchasing any item.

3. Best Prices when buying & selling
Not only will we offer the best prices when purchasing from ourselves but when you want a wardrobe refresh and want to sell your old items we promise to give fair, accurate prices to ensure peak customer satisfaction. We are different to other companies who consign your items for commission. We buy directly from you saving you money on eg. Upload fees, Payment fees, Authentication fees, Posting fees. We know your time is valuable and by using us, you save lots of it!


We’re here to advocate and encourage luxury longevity whilst inherently addressing environmental and economic sustainability for all; bringing you one step closer to your dream articles for a fraction of what would be.


With us, nothing goes to waste! from a P2P model to straight donations, we’re giving back in every way possible in the name of establishing a dynamic market place unlike any other; we’re breathing a second life in to your luxury merchandise.


We’re taking consumers and turning them into prosumers! We’re in the business of guiding our clients to expert levels; all in the effort to make you more than an everyday purchaser, rather one in the “know”, something inherently true as you become part of our close-knit family!


 Your preloved pieces can be another’s to treasure now; we’re setting up a bespoke market place with our time-tested services in the mix to assure you walk off with the best articles and an even better conscience!


We’ve been part of the luxury industry for the better part of 10 years; and on this rollercoaster we’re bringing our every expertise to insure your benefit; article authentication, dependability, negotiations, advocation and expert commentary; needless to say, you’re in the best of hands!


 Together, we’re poised to take the used luxury market by storm with our bespoke concept which just keeps on giving! Let’s go!

Our Affiliates

We are able to deliver the best of pre-loved luxury fashion to you by partnering with some of the biggest names in the luxury business. Read all about our affiliates below:

1. The Luxury Closet
A leading online boutique, based out of Dubai, where you can buy & sell new and pre-loved luxury items from some of the biggest names in global fashion.

2. Vestiaire Collective
The leading online marketplace to buy and sell autheticated pre-loved luxury pieces. Their team of experts works diligently to curate authentic pieces and adds thousands of new design everyday.

3. Farfetch
Farfetch is a leading global platform for luxury designer wear. Having an expansive collection of new pieces, they have stepped into the pre-loved marketplace too. making a conscious effort to bring positive change in the luxury fashion business.

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