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Finish off your Outfit with 5 Bang-on Accessories- Men’s Special

Accessories can make or break any outfit. Remember 2019’s met gala? When Ezra Miller, Nick Jonas and Jared Leto stole the show at the red carpet carrying accessories as an artistic expression; we hadn’t seen anything like that in a millenia.

From perfectly crafted cufflinks to pilot glasses and more, our favourite celebrities, irrespective of gender, take the finishing touches to a whole new level and knock it out of the park to garner the attention of the masses. Even Academy Award winner George Clooney never forgets to walk out of the house without his precious cuff-links that elevate his class and poise.

You can do the same, and more. But how? These five products will give your appearance the much needed It-factor without coming off as too extravagant. (We want to keep it classy!)

  1. Bvlgari 18k Yellow Gold & Onyx Cufflinks

Talk about elegance, these Bulgari’s cufflinks are the true expression of suavity and it’s not going to change for the next hundred years. From every angle, they will look amazeballs!


18k Yellow Gold & Onyx Cufflinks


2. Burberry Grey Smoked Check Coated Canvas James Reversible Belt 75 CM

For men trying to have a finishing ad-on won’t be disappointed with what’s coming your way. Getting your waist cinched with Burberry’s grey smoked checked belt will definitely create a poised impression on the audience! Apart from a fine silver tone pin buckle, this brown belt has a reversible option in case you want to change your game!


Grey Smoked Check Coated Canvas James Reversible Belt 75CM

$246 $326 (24% Off)

3. Dolce & Gabbana DG 2220 Pilot Glasses

From Brad Pitt to Christiano Ronaldo, celebrities have been often flashing super dope glasses without realizing their impact. (Maybe they do!) This one in particular doesn’t just lift your inner dapper debonair, it features the high-impact lens that protects you from the UV rays.


 Black / Grey DG 2220 Pilot Sunglasses

$188 $281 (33% Off)

4. Louis Vuitton Charcoal Grey Messager Damier Woof Scarf

Once you’re done with prepping up your look, you might feel like you’re forgetting something. This wool scarf with a damier design is going to take care of your doubts once and for all. Put it on your formals or keep it casual on your street-wear.


Charcoal Grey Messager Damier Wool Scarf

$298 $538 (45% Off)

5. Hermes Tournis Tresse Brown Leather Palladium-plated Bracelet

Get this bracelet straight out of the house of Hermes for a chic appeal on your weekend outdoor parties. It’s effortlessly charming for any occasion whatsoever!

Connect with us to explore more pre-loved options and attain your true potential with our personalized shopping experience.


Tournis Tresse Brown Leather Palladium Plated Bracelet

$301 $385 (22% Off)

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