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3 Contemporary Designer Brands That Are Investment Worthy In 2023!

As we step into a new era, fashion enthusiasts are increasingly drawn to innovative and modern aesthetics that break free from the constraints of vintage norms. Brands like Jacquemus, celebrated for their unapologetic contemporary style, are emerging as the vanguard of this sartorial transformation. In this discussion, we will explore three contemporary investment worthy designer brands that are not just covetable but also timeless.These brands not only embody the spirit of today’s fashion-forward generation but have carved out a distinctive space in the market, offering a glimpse into the future of couture.

Which Luxury Designer Brands Are Liked By Millennials & Gen-z’s?

Contemporary designer brands such as Jacquemus, Celine, and Loewe have undoubtedly become synonymous with cutting-edge fashion. These labels have garnered widespread acclaim and are particularly favored by influential Gen-Z celebrities, who are shaping the fashion landscape like never before. Household names like Billie Eilish, Timothée Chalamet, and Zendaya have proudly sported these brands, elevating them to cult status. With their distinctive designs, these brands speak to a generation that values individuality, sustainability, and a fusion of high fashion with street style. 

Here are our top picks for the luxury designer brands:

  • Jacquemus
  • Celine
  • Hermes 
  • Loewe

Why Are These Brands Investment Worthy & Why You Should Buy From them?

Loewe: The Art of Craftsmanship

Under the guiding hand of Loewe, the epitome of craftsmanship and artistry is skillfully brought to life in a collection of exceptional items that define contemporary luxury. Among its exceptional offerings, Loewe’s meticulously crafted jackets, belts, and sweaters stand out as prime examples. The jackets are not merely articles of clothing but a testament to Loewe’s unwavering commitment to quality, boasting unique designs and impeccable tailoring that effortlessly transform them into vivid fashion statements. The brand’s belts, adorned with exquisite leatherwork and featuring distinctive buckles, elevate any outfit with a touch of refined elegance. And when it comes to sweaters, Loewe harmoniously marries comfort with style, presenting a selection of cozy yet profoundly fashionable options that encapsulate the brand’s dedication to fusing tradition with modernity.

Hermes: Elegance Through the Ages

Hermes, an emblem of timeless elegance, continues to mesmerize fashion enthusiasts with its iconic offerings. Within the realm of footwear, Hermes’s shoes define sophistication and comfort, crafted with the finest materials and a precision that exemplifies a dedication to quality. However, it is in the realm of bags where Hermes truly shines. The Birkin and Kelly bags, legendary in their own right, endure as everlasting symbols of luxury and style, setting unmatched standards for high-end fashion accessories. Hermes’s unswerving emphasis on quality and meticulous attention to detail preserves the brand’s status as an exemplar of luxury in the fashion world.

Celine: The Modern Art of Accessorizing

Celine’s expertise in the art of accessorizing is exemplified through its minimalist yet impactful belts and the exceptional Triomphe collection of bags. Celine belts are designed to accentuate the waist, enhancing any ensemble with their sleek and clean design, emblematic of modern luxury. On the other hand, the Triomphe collection, drawing inspiration from the brand’s heritage, ushers in a new era of sophistication in bag design. Meticulously crafted with precision and an eye for detail, Celine’s bags transcend mere functionality to become an artistic expression of fashion. Whether it’s the Triomphe Canvas Tote or the Besace 16 Bag, these pieces seamlessly encapsulate Celine’s steadfast commitment to harmonizing history with contemporary aesthetics, truly embodying the brand’s distinctive charm.

Top Offerings From These Luxury Top Brands!

Here are our top investment worthy picks that are hot right now!


Loewe Pink Cotton Jacket

Get ready to rock your style with this sizzling hot pink cotton jacket! It’s not just clothing; it’s a fashion statement that seamlessly blends contemporary chic with timeless elegance. Ready to turn heads?


Loewe Green Wool Knitwear

Wrap yourself in luxury with this cozy green wool knitwear. It’s like a warm hug from your wardrobe, and it’s got that extra touch of sophistication that’ll make you the style superstar. Who said comfort can’t be fabulous?


Loewe Blue Cotton Knitwear

The secret to staying effortlessly cool? This blue cotton knitwear! It’s the fashion equivalent of sipping a trendy cocktail on a sunny day. Easy, breezy, and oh-so stylish.


Hermes Beige Suede Sandals

Step into sophistication with these Hermes beige suede sandals! They’re like a soft, sandy beach for your feet, and they’ll have you strutting your stuff with an extra dash of elegance. Let’s make a fashion statement from the ground up!


Celine Black Leather Chain Handbag

Make heads turn with this black leather chain handbag! It’s not just a bag; it’s a style companion that seamlessly blends heritage charm with modern pizzazz. Get ready to conquer the world with this chic sidekick by your side.

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