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Preloved Valentino? Check Out These 5 Preloved Luxury Sandals for Summer

We can’t get enough of comfy & classy summer sandals. From Valentino to Hermés and Chanel, we’ve got it all and more at Rehaute. The best part is you can shop more of preloved pieces and end up having more variety in your wardrobe than saving up and splurging on just one piece at it’s actual retail price. This means so many more options to wear and you’ll end up with a pretty neat designerwear collection.

As we all know, Dad sandals have been around since last year but have really seen an upsurge in demand in the past few months. From Instagram’s biggest influencers to the hottest celebs, you can see dad sandals on everyone. Chanel takes the cake here – their version was clearly the most popular everywhere. You’re in luck as a vibrant pair of Chanel’s Dad Sandals have made an appearance on our radar and they are made for the summer! This preloved pair is made of rubber (hello, beaches!) and will add a yum accent to any attire. Shop today before they land somewhere else

Vibrance seems to be on the cards this summer. Have a look at these preloved Rockstud Valentino sandals in blue patent leather. They are glamorous and would look fabulous when you’re out with friends or in a gathering. Hard to ignore, harder still not to shop!

We have yet to come across someone who isn’t a fan of Hermés. You can’t say you have great taste in fashion and not love Hermés. Every piece they make is an ode to craftsmenship and superior design. Therefore, when we see a preloved Hermés, we’re eager to share with our followers so you can take advantage. Shop these stunning summer sandals that are comfy but also super impactful because of their popularity and global fandom 💯

You don’t have to worry about shopping the best designers in the world anymore. All thanks to preloved pieces that we have vowed to curate and bring to you! You won’t have to break the bank and will stun one and all around you. How did you like our preloved summer sandals edit? Scroll below to shop 📲

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