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How To Build a Perfect Ramadan Wardrobe in 2023?

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Finally, the holy time of the year is coming, bringing peace and comfort into our lives. It is also the ideal time to go modest and ooze positive energies. While your Ramadan wardrobe needs to be subtle,  it doesn’t mean you cannot incorporate the latest fashion trends, like the ones that include florals, prints and minimalistic styles.

4 Ways To Style Build Ramadan Wardrobe!

You are looking for modest pieces that will take your Ramadan wardrobe to the next level? There are different ways to do that, from Kaftans to long dresses and incorporating minimalism; you have many options. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Play With Kaftans!

Kaftans are a popular garment during Ramadan, and they are perfect for staying relaxed and comfortable in the hot summer months. The best thing about Kaftans is that they are softer and more breathable, making them ideal for wearing during Ramadan. Look for loose-fitting and flowy kaftans, as these will be more comfortable to wear during long periods of fasting.

Image Credit: The Luxury Closet

Missoni Sequined Crochet Knit

Are you going for a Radaman get-together? You will need to do a bit more than keep minimalistic attire. Make it fancy and embrace the sparkles of sequins!

Image Credit: The Luxury Closet

Diane Von Furstenberg Multi-colored Printed Kaftan Dress

Another way to look chic this month is to embrace some prints over it with multi-coloured hues.

2. Long & Minimalist Maxi Dresses

Long Dresses like Maxi Long dresses like maxi are versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. They are also a great option for Ramadan because they provide coverage while still being comfortable to wear.

When choosing a maxi dress, look for one that is made from a lightweight fabric such as chiffon or cotton. This will help you stay cool during the day and comfortable during the night. Maxi dresses can be worn with a hijab or without, depending on your preference.

Image Credit: The Luxury Closet

Elie Saab Sahara Taupe Long Dress

We suggest going minimalist in a long beige dress from Elie Saab. The best part about this maxi dress is the fact that it makes you feel free and relaxed.

Image Credit: The Luxury Closet

Gucci Green Silk Draped Maxi Dress

Going Minimalistic and monochrome keeps the essence of Ramadan intact, like this fresh and green maxi dress in silk.

3. Floral Dresses

What better way to amp up your Ramadan closet than by adding florals that are known to freshen up your looks in style? There are many ways to do that, but we suggest keeping it light and bright.

Image Credit: The Luxury Closet

Gucci Green Printed Floral Maxi Dress

Want to become a breath of fresh air? Nothing better than a floral maxi dress to add life to your Ramadan wardrobe.

4. Go Goth But Halal

Who says you can’t incorporate both cores in the Holy month, especially when you can make long and modest dresses? Here’s what we’ve picked for you to look stylish this season.

Image Credit: The Luxury Closet

Self-portrait Black Sequined Embellished Tulle & Crepe Pleated Dress

Add party flair to your look with sequins, and never have a dull time when you iftar outside of your house. This one comes with a pleated style from Self-portrait.

Image Credit: The Luxury Closet

Elie Saab Black & White Knit Lace and Trim Full Sleeve Dress

If Wednesday were a Muslim, we bet she would like to wear this full sleeve black and white dress for Ramadan. It comes with lace and trims ideal for family get-togethers from Suhoor to Iftar. 

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