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Reason’s why we love Wallet on Chain’s and you should too!

Wallet on chains or WOC’s as they are called have slowly but surely become an essential for any wardrobe. The convince that these small but wonderful wallets bring with the additional chain strap cannot be beaten. Whether you like to style yours as a small crossbody bag or a as a clutch for nights out, these versatile wallets bring with them an ease in styling.

So if you haven’t invested in one yet, we’ve rounded up a fabulous bunch of the most popular out there. Kicking off our list with a Chanel where the classic collections have nearly all been redone in the wallet on chain versions as well. From a boy or flap to a Chanel 19 you can find smaller wallet on chain versions of all these bag size versions.

Dior has a fabulous range similar to Chanel where you can find their iconic diorama and lady dior in WOC versions. One of the most iconic wallet on chain’s is Saint Laurent’s monogram WOC that comes in fabulous quilted leather and lots of fun colors to chose from.

We’ve also got a wonderful Prada in saffiano leather and Gucci wallet on chain with logo detailing. Impressed yet? Start shopping now by clicking the pictures below or ask your personal shopper to help now!

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