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Shop Excellent Pre-Loved Luxury Gifts for Mother’s Day!

By March 10, 2021March 29th, 2021Accessories

Shop Excellent Pre-Loved Luxury Gifts for Mother’s Day!

Mothers’s Day is almost here & some of us are still giftless and clueless. We’re making things simple for everyone & doing the homework and math for you. This year, let’s give gifts with a story behind them. Those that help you to become a player in the larger picture by making conscious shopping choices.

Pre-loved pieces as gifts are wonderful. They encourage us to participate in a cycle where we contribute to the greater good. They result in pieces travelling through people, adding more story and depth to each item. Wouldn’t your mom be happy about that? There are some fine pieces to be found if you have the right eye (luckily, we do) that are in great condition. You also save a lot from buying similar pieces at a retail outlet.

Like this Monogrammed LC scarf. All mother’s love scarves. They’re formal, they’re needed & always add sophistication to the whole look. What better a gift then than a monogrammed Louis Vuitton scarf she can wear anywhere? Check it our for yourself

Another favourite of mothers? Wallets! And deisgner wallets at that. This gorgeous monogrammed Burberry leather wallet is just perfect. Bonus – it’s never been used! Yes, you can shop a Burberry wallet for Mother’s Day that’s in excellent shape without having to pay the actual retail price 💯 It’s a win, win situation!

We have a lot many more pieces that are in excellent condition & would make super gifts for your mother. Don’t waste time thinking! Scroll below to see the whole list 🛍

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