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Sustainable Fashion is The Future – Here’s How To Do Your Bit

By September 21, 2021Bags

Why is sustainable fashion so in? Is it just a fad or are there any arguments to support its rise? Sustainable fashion simply means to be conscious of the future while preparing for the current and future market requirements. It’s a movement that takes the usefulness of resources, social and ecological factors when designing, manufacturing and distributing products, very seriously. The fashion industry is very resource-intensive and therefore, every bit and effort in the whole cycle matters. It is also one of the biggest polluters to the environment. Therefore, raising voices for change in current practices was necessary on so many levels. We’re glad to be part of this huge upheaval and play our role in promoting and creating accessibility for preloved fashion. You will find curated pieces from some of the biggest preloved luxury retailers on our platform to help you navigate what you want. You can also sell your designer pieces and create room before reaching for new ones.

Play Your Part:

How can you be a conscious consumer? There are plenty of ways to take action from your position. You can pledge to shop labels and designers that are taking a step in the right direction with sourcing their raw materials, following best production practices, supply-chain decisions and enforcing labor laws. This will mean saying no to exotic bags that look uber glamorous but were probably made by skinning animals that may have caused them to die. You can also shop preloved clothing and accessories which will save the limited resources we have into being duplicated to produce another designer handbag or shoes. Shopping preloved pieces is easy, with so many platforms on the market dealing in authenticated pieces. It’s the best of both world’s. You get to wear a designer piece without the big designer tag. Even if you still shop for designer pieces, you can mix and match with preloved items and even sell your own designer buys so someone can breath new life into them. You will be part of the circular fashion system and that’s a great way to do your bit.

You may look into renting designer pieces for one-off events and try to avoid fast-fashion fads. They put a lot of pressure on production and we end up with heaps of cheaply made items that will hardly last the whole season. Instead focus on building your wardrobe with staple pieces that will stand the test of time. When it comes to accessories, choose quality and timeless design over items that are made to cater to seasonal trends. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t shop what you like at all. Try limiting your overall purchases and try finding as many on preloved platforms so you’re contributing to circular fashion. In that spirit we are linking some classic pieces and those that all fashionistas should have in their closet, guilt-free! Shop away below and thank us later

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